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m/s Samantta
Where can you cruise and at what price? You can choose between an outing for a couple of hours and a cruise for a whole day. During full day cruises we can anchor in a nice bay to relax. We can pick you up from a harbour or pier of your choice. With a nice group, you can also go for longer cruises up to one week. Some examples to help you in planning the schedules: - evening cruise from Lahti to Vääksy and back 3-5 hours - Vääksy-Karisalmensilta-Käkisalmen silta-Vääksy about 3 hours - Vääksy-Padasjoki 2 hours - Vääksy-Kuhmoinen 3.5 hours - Vääksy-Heinola 3.5 hours - Vääksy-Sysmä 4 hours - Vääksy-Jyväskylä 10 hours
Cruise price guidance: First hour 275 euro Following hours 110 euro/hour Waiting hours 65 euro/hour Transfers 65 euro/hour All prices inclusive VAT We’ll be happy to give you an offer for day or week charters.